Mobile Game Analytics Platform

Provide accurate real-time data monitoring throughout a game life cycle and in-depth analysis of the data performance in terms of items, tasks, game levels, player levels, virtual currency etc. Offer multiple analysis models for different game genres. Provide data support for game optimization and decision-making for operation strategies.

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Precise Operation – Core Analysis

Specialties – All-round Player Tracking

Player Life Trajectory

Display in the form of a life line all behaviors in a player’s entire life-cycle. Each player has his own life line and player accounts can be imported in bulk and displayed in different colors for targeted analysis and reference for operation strategies.

Cluster Analysis

Cross analyze game behaviors of different player groups with flexible combination of conditions. Cluster analysis on specific game behavior combination will easily target different player types and help operation personnel to categorize player groups and carry out data-guided operation to meet diversified demands.

Server Transfer Analysis

Conduct data analysis on player transfer from one server to a new one and monitor their new data performance to quantify the “Server Transfer Effect”. Help operation personnel to analyze the effect of the new server and carry out following operational strategies for the new server and the old one.

Market Analysis

Monitor game rankings on main stream distribution channels so that operation personnel can observe timely on market trends and the overall ranking of their peers.

Operational Tools

Provide easy-to-use and practical analysis tools and operational tools for Content Providers/Publishers, and assist operation personnel to obtain useful information from the data and unveil hidden demands, so as to carry out operational strategies to maximize player value.


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