DMS Data Steward – Turn Data into Assets

DMS is a data management tool launched to follow the trend of 'data is assets'. It helps enterprises process data assets in multiple dimensions including data source, modeling, operations and background processing,as well as revitalize enterprise data assets, improve the efficiency of enterprise management, and enhance the cashability of data,etc.

Data problems

Data Solutions

Data collection system

Compatible with MySQL, MSSQL, PG, Oracle and other main stream relational databases;

Access entries can be configured for streaming data, and embedded SDK can be importedto the cluster in realtime;

Can be accessed to adapt to other data sources.

Label management system

Mining model with labels of two categories:basic userattributes and application using habits;

The bottom is supported bySpark distributed computing engine, which is fast, stable, and easy-to-extend, a main stream technology in the distribution field;

Actual storage uses Elastic Search and creates indexes by distributed tasks,which won‘t effect real-time query during data update.

Operation decision system

Use Kylin to pre-build cubes for themes to meet the requirements of basic OLAP services;

Use Mondrian to generate the execution language of the target database (Kylin);

Saiku provides the user interface of multi-dimensional analysis. Reports can be quickly generated by dragging and dropping;

Saiku+Mondrian+Kylin constitute a technology stack, drag-and-drop operation;

Core Values

Cooperation Case


Launch is the earliest Chinese high-tech enterprisededicated to Automotive Aftermarket, has accumulated a large amount of rule-less automobile data. DataEye customizes a solution based on its situationto help it optimize data assets.


Letv is committed to building complete ecosystem ,Its TV game platform integrates all aspects of game resources and owns huge amount of data,DataEye help it comb data classification and data structure for better game operations.


TCL group is the first transboundary company involved in the game industry which accumulated a large amount of game data.DataEye provide reasonable solutions according to the data status of TCL game center for better operations.


CMGE is the top global mobile game developers and publishers with strong research and development ability,。DataEye provide important support by user data combing and modeling for better integration and operational decisions

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